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Your brand on the Internet 

A domain is the main part of your website's address (URL). It also appears after the "at" symbol (@) in your email addresses. You can and should use it to protect your brand and enable your current or potential customers to find your business online easily.

  Unique in the world

No two domain names can be identical, as each domain and its subdomains (e.g. points to its corresponding IP address (e.g. You can use your domain for various online services you want: web, mail, servers, cloud storage, API, etc.

Transfer your domains 

If you already have a domain registered with another provider, and want to transfer it to AruanaWeb management, we will give you a one-year free renewal. The domain must be unlocked and its registration details should be visible to allow us carry out the transfer successfully.


Still got doubts?


What is a domain

It's an Internet name that's easy to remember and allows you, among other things, to visit websites or send emails. It usually consists of two words separated by a period. The first word identifies the name and the last (called the "extension") identifies the type of domain. In the early days of the Internet, devices connected to the Net were identified using an IP address. Thanks to the Domain Name System (DNS), IP addresses have now been replaced with domain names, which are easy to remember.

There are two main groups of domain names:

  • Generic domains - these are domain names that don't meet the geographical criteria. They are managed by ICANN, the world authority on domain issues, in conjunction with the bodies responsible for maintaining each type of domain. In recent years, hundreds of new types of extensions have been launched, with many types of categories: geographical (.paris, .barcelona), business (.company, .store), leisure (.dance), etc.
  • Territorial domains - are domains associated with a geographical location. For example, Portugal (.pt) or France (.fr). There are 252 territorial domains, and they are made up of two letters that identify each country. They are managed by national bodies and according to the registration rules of each specific country.

📌 How do I know if the domain I'm interested in is free or has already been registered?

Search for the domain on our site and we'll let you know if it's available. If the domain you're interested in is already registered or reserved, we can offer you an alternative, or provide a service to acquire that domain.

📌 Can I change a domain name to another?

Once a domain name has been registered, you can no longer change it. It is possible to cancel the registration, but it is not possible to change it to another one, or to request a refund for any money paid for that registration.

📌 Can I change the domain details once it has been registered?

Yes, you can change the details of your domains quickly and easily, simply by informing us of the details and data through the usual communication channels.

📌 Which domains can I register here?

At AruanaWeb, you can register domain names with the extensions .pt, .com, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .online, .biz e .store.

Other extensions are possible on request. The request is completely free and without obligation. As soon as the prices and registration conditions for each domain are known, we will contact you if you are still interested in registering the domain.

Testimonials from those who trusted us

We at AruanaWeb have more than 10 years' experience in registering and maintaining domains. Existe uma possibilidade de não obtermos todos os registos de domínios. Se não obtivermos o seu domínio, iremos reembolsar-lhe o montante da reserva.

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